Director's Desk

Director I am glad to invite all students, parents, professionals & people from corporate sector for joining the computer application programme of IAS-YC.

I firmly believe that the knowledge of the world can be gained through diligence, dedication and devotion by those who only stand and wait. IAS-YC computer application programme aims to develop a new cadre of computer science professionals in the corporate and industrial sectors.

The programme is designed and curriculum updated as per the latest industry standards. All this is done keeping in mind the dynamic changes in the software and hardware segments. The courses and training schedule are also prepared with an eye to the convenience of the students who belong to our Associates ranging from school, college, employees to officers, retired persons and housewife. The best feature of the programme is that it empowers a student by enabling them to build from below.

I strongly emphasize that every individual should get an opportunity for education and adequate training to explore his potential so that he can contribute to overall social development by utilizing his intellectual skill in a best possible manner.

The curriculum structure can be viewed as effective tools to enable the students to enhance their knowledge, broaden their horizon, sharpen their creativity and above all develop their inventive an innovative power .Besides being equipped with a good measure of scientific knowledge, creative idea and communication skill a student would be able to understand the world wide web full well.

I am confident that IAS will go from strength to strength in its journey to perfection by creating career for the youths of our country.

I wise all my students and well-wishers a happy and prosperous future.

Mr. Sougata Hazra, Director
IAS - Youth Computer Centre